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As much as healing is a self journey, there are always others who can accompany and/or help us find our way. Here are some of the wonderful people that I have met on mine. 

Say Aah in Soulful Inspiration. 

Ishilta is a trained shamanic practitioner and certified Reiki Master Practitioner (Usui Ryoho Reiki, Karuna Ki, & Crystal Reiki), with accreditation from the International Reiki Organization. Apart from that, Ishilta is also an events organizer, entrepreneur, writer, well-being coach, and a certified medical intuitive.

I often join his Reiki washes and has availed of his many healing services. Most of my healings with him are silent, and yet powerful, full of introspection. 

Connect with him on Instagram with @thedailyaah

and his website:


Human Design, Self-Evolution and
Energy Coach

" I knew I was meant for MORE.

So I’ve found a way to simplify things down to what I call my Priori-THREE™s and disconnect from everything else that in reality was just BS because it was taking my power away from what is truly important.

I’ve put together an interdisciplinary approach led by the codes found in your Human Design chart and Gene Keys profile sprinkled with different modalities not just to enhance the experience or make it more fun (because it definitely does that!) but more importantly help you stay connected to your non-negotiables in life."

Connect with her on Instagram @soulprintcoach

and website:

If you're interested in the Soulprint to Soul-based Succss Program, kindly use my affiliate link: 

“There is a cosmic healer in each one of us - we are called to heal beyond the level of the physical through love and light and contribute in the evolutionary process of all forms of creation to bring balance in the universe.”

Teacher Lilian is my Reiki Master Teacher, and she offers Reiki Healing, Angel Lightwork Healing, Life Reading, Feng Shui Classes among all others. She has a beautiful, kind energy and it has been a pleasure learning from her.

She can be reached via Instagram @cosmichealetnet

and website:

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Energize your life to Live, Heal, Bloom

Rosan is a spiritual teacher, coach and energy healer. She is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Philippines' first and only Gong Master. 

Thru Kundalini Yoga, I was able to be more in tune with my body. In her classes I have learned how to set intentions with every action, every thought. Her boundless energy is wonderful to experience with little snippets of spiritual wisdom and knowledge shared in every class. 

You can get in touch with her via Instagram: @livehealbloom

and her website

Helping Women Redefine Self Love and reconnect with their soul's purpose.

April is a Trauma-Informed Life Coach, but she is also your hype girl on live and love. She will guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself while loving the amazing person that you are right now. 

I joined her Self Love Program which has brought at lot of clarity and joy into my life. She is amazing at what she does and this energy can be felt throughout. 

You can connect with her via Instagram @aprilsbeautifulmess

and her website:

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