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Akashic Reading
& Soul Healing

The Akashic Records are all that we have recorded in our Soul life, if we take into account that the memories of our Soul have no limit, we come to the conclusion that we are talking about “The Book of Infinite Wisdom”.

Akasha in Sanskrit means ether, essence, soul, therefore it represents all the memory of the Soul.

The Akashic Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us exactly the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime. 

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Benefits of Akashic Record Reading 

  • find your life's purpose

  • know the lessons you are here to learn with your natural gifts, talents and abilities

  • explain why you have certain experiences in life

  • learn how to get unstuck and know what you need to do to move forward in life

  • know actions to take to align to your Soul's purpose now


The benefits of Akashic readings in all areas of your life are boundless. You will find you will experience your own as each person brings their own unique personality to the readings.

Moreover having a reading helps you become UNBOUND from attachment to stories, emotions, thoughts, 

traumas and circumstances so you can live your present life to the fullest and in your own way.

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