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Services Offered

Theta Healing

Clear limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones

Release shock and trauma from negative experiences

Download new beliefs and feelings 


1 hr

AED 222

Fairy Lights

 Akashic Record & Soul Healing

Learn your soul gifts and guidance on aligning with your purpose

Release blockages and soul trauma

1 hr

AED 333

Reiki Healing & Guidance

Release energy blockages in your body

Align your Chakras

Receive Reiki Guidance

1 hr

AED 222


Space Clearing

Scan your space for negative energy and release them

Send loving blessings to your space and its occupants

1 hr

AED 222

Tarot & Oracle Card Energy Reading

Energy Tarot reading about love, career, business, etc

Receive guidance messages from the Oracles

1 hr.

AED 150

Studying at Home

Manifestation Coaching

Know what is blocking you form manifesting what you want

Guided Manifesting Meditation

1 hr

AED 222


"Ayen instantly provides a safe space to be yourself and feel comfortable to share your vulnerabilities. Her genuine spirit allows you to open up without any fear of judgement. During and after our session I felt so much peace and felt such a light energy, especially regarding some of the things I've been struggling with. I'm looking forward to working with Ayen again and would recommend anyone who needs healing to go to her."


" I was needing more from the Universe and it delivered her. Ayen helped walk me through some limiting beliefs. The healing was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had in working with energy and changing my limiting beliefs and navigating root issues. She is a wonderful, gifted healer. And our session deeply moved me and the energy shift was immediate, with homework to help maintain my energy. Keeping her gift of healing a secret from those that could benefit wouldn't be fair. So here I am sharing my experience. ♥♥"

"Ayen made me very comfortable during the session! I have been in my healing journey for a while now and was very surprised how quickly she found out what my deepest fear was (beneath the fear of lightning and thunder) just within an hour! She connected the dots very well!

After the session, I realized I wasn't as afraid of thunderstorms anymore. I would still me startled by the lightning and loud thunder, but I didn't feel as paralyzed as before and was able to continue on with my daily tasks.



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