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Peace be with you

In Human Design, my self-theme is peace, which means I know I am in flow when I am at peace, when I feel at peace with everything around me.

It was a rough beginning of year, and the last few months have been spent in fighting with myself - of things not done, of things not being where they were supposed to be, of being slow, of not being. As a light worker, it sometimes gets frustrating because you supposedly know the answer to all of it, and can definitely heal it away.

Often we forget, that we are all here for the experience, we are all here to learn and most importantly, that we are all humans.

Peace comes when we accept - that things are messy, that situations can be unclear, that disappointment comes from others and also yourself and that some things just take time.

Peace comes with accepting everything that has happened, and deciding that *this*, this very moment if your pivot point to do something about things — whether to take action, to respond or just do nothing.


I am guided. I am protected. Everything is working our for me in the highest and easiest way.



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I am Ayen. A designer and Theta Healer currently living in Dubai. 

And this, is my healing journey.

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