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The (re)Start of Something New

New Moon, New Year Energies

It is the Lunar New Year, and we have the new moon energies with it. We have entered the Water Tiger year, and according to astrologers, this year brings Big Changes to regain strength and vitality, experience emotional breakthroughs, succeed in business endeavors, grow, enjoy financial gains and charge forward with the power of purpose.

It is with this same sense of starting afresh that I have decided to launch, for real, finally, the Be Fab Wellness page. It has been a project of mine that has evolved as I have, slowly peeling away layers through inner work and healing. It is my goal to share about my healing journey and various healing modalities I have explored in hope that it will spark healing in others as well.

Oh what a journey it had been to be in a position to share all of this with you!

This New Moon, or any other new moon for that matter is a good time to set intentions, and prepare for the inflow of new energies into your life. You can create rituals and routines that help you use the energy of the New Moon to bring positive miracles into your life. Here are some of mine:

- Declutter and Deep Clean for New Energy

- Vision Board for New Manifestations

- Set Intentions

- Meditate for New Ideas

- Invest in Yourself for New Breakthroughs

- Research to See Things in a New Way

- Try Something New

- Find New Things to Be Grateful For

As you reflect on your intentions, manifestations and action plans, I am sending you Angel Blessings on this new and wonderful journey with hope that you achieve your goals, find your purpose, and embrace your passion, mission, and true calling!

And if your passion, mission and true calling have been the same for the past few years, or something that you have tucked away at the back of your heart, may this new moon energy bring it renewal.

And if your passion, mission and true calling is yet to be identified, may you look at yourself, your environment, your life, with new perspective and see something that will spark a light in your heart.

As empowering as the new moon and new year energies are, I would also like to remind you that we have the new moon every month, sometimes even twice a month and that everyday is a wonderful day for a new beginning!

Here are some beautiful affirmations that you can use as you start afresh.

I welcome positive change into every area of my life.

I welcome alignment with who I am.

I welcome abundance into my everyday life.

I welcome miracles into my everyday life.

You are safe. You are loved. You are always protected and supported by the Divine Universe.

Much Love & Many Blessings!




Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I am Ayen. A designer and Theta Healer currently living in Dubai. 

And this, is my healing journey.

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